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IDTS Charity Golf Tournament 2021 Recap

IDTS Charity Golf Tournament 2021 Recap is finally here!!! Relive the life-changing fundraising event from August where we were was able to raise over 100,000$ towards IDTS' first medical center.

IDTS' founder, Mario Nozzarella exclaims "It was gratifying to see the number of amazing sponsors. I hope you enjoyed the event as much as I did. Whether it was a donation of a $1 or $10,000 your contribution will change someone's life forever! We can make a difference and we will."

IDTS Medical was created with the goal of providing respiratory treatment for those unable to afford the proper care while supporting the advancement of research, education, and treatment in respiratory health where the outcomes support the betterment of humanity.

The events hosted by IDTS Medical Foundation was designed to fund the initiatives of the upcoming IDTS Medical Center which will ultimately support patients who are unable to pay for proper respiratory care. Registration for 2022's IDTS Charity Golf Tournament is now available!

A grateful reminder to our donors that your contribution will qualify as a tax-deductible donation. This opportunity will be eligible through December 31st.

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